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CRM instructor refresher training


From 27.01.2020


Number of participants

– 5

Course description

The training complies with EASA PART.ORO.FC. 115&215 and Annex II to Decision 2015/022/R
  • familiarizing participants with the issues of effective use of crew resources in flight operations, including improvement of communication, crew cooperation, quality of communication of persons involved in the implementation of aviation operations,
  • development of knowledge and competences in the basics of adult learning psychology, preparation of the training and training materials, making presentations and transferring of knowledge.
Methods of the training
  • lectures
  • exercises
  • presentations
Methods of skills assesment
  • exercises
  • exam
  • demonstration of self-prepared presentation
Duration:  3 days (24 hours) lectures and exercises

Who the course is designated for?

  • operational staff involved in CRM
  • pilots
  • cabin crews
  • cabin and flight crew instructors
  • safety managers


Day 1
  • Conditions of the learning process
  • Group dynamics
  • Training techniques
  • Training management
  • Assessment and evaluation of training 
  • Legal requirements for CRM trainings
  • Practical implementation of the course
  • Communication
  • Model SHELL
Day 2
  • Information processing
  • Situational awareness
  • Sleep and circadian rhythm
  • Development of immunity
  • The effect of surprise 
  • Conflict
  • Effective decision-making
  • Time and work management
  • Leadership
  • Fatigue management
Day 3
  • Threat and error management
  • Automation
  • Case study
  • Written exam
  • Preparing presentations for the practical exam
  • Demonstrating self-prepared presentations
  • Evaluation of the presentation


Written exam


The start date has expired. You can no longer register for this training.

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