Andrzej Niderla – ALL4JETS

Andrzej Niderla

He holds an Aeronautical Master Degree from Warsaw University of Technology and is a Project Management post-graduate from Kozminski University. While working for airlines, he gained experience in aircraft continuing airworthiness, engineering, and maintenance. He was involved in numerous projects related to aircraft deliveries and redeliveries, new aircraft type entry-into-service and certification of EASA Part-M and Part-145 organizations. Andrzej has been CAMO Director at ALL4JETS from 2015 to 2022, starting and certifying CAMO from scratch up to 65 aircraft managed concurrently and a team of 35 people. In early 2020, ALL4JETS decided to open a subsidiary Part-145 Maintenance Organization named 4THRUST, and Andrzej was appointed its CEO and Accountable Manager. Today, he combines this role with being VP, Technical Operations at ALL4JETS.

Aviation enthusiast since childhood, with flight experience on gliders and a private pilot licence.

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