Техническое обслуживание и другое обучение

ALL4JETS Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO) is approved by the Polish Civil Aviation Authority for compliance with the requirements of EASA Part-147 – aircraft type training. We can proudly announce that after discussions and arrangements with Polish CAA and EASA, we have been approved to deliver on-line training and online examination to all type technical training under our Part-147 approval.


We provide online, initial and recurrent training courses for aircraft engineers, mechanical engineers, LAME and other airline maintenance and CAMO personnel.

Экзамены из модулей — основные знания

ALL4JETS является организацией сертифицированной Управлением гражданской авиации для проведения экзаменов из модулей — основные знания для следующих категории: A1 (самолеты с газотурбинными двигателями), А2 (самолеты с поршневыми двигателями), B1.1 (самолеты с газотурбинными двигателями), B1.2 (самолеты с поршневыми двигателями), B2 (авионика), B3 (самолеты с негерметичной кабиной, поршневыми двигателями и максимальной взлетной массой до 2000 КГ).

Camo & Engineering

We provide one-stop-shop solution. Our services are tailored and flexible. We are responsive and mobile. Our team are ex-airline and MRO experts experienced in complex projects around the world. We are approved by multiple regulatories for most of commercial aircraft.

Part-21 Modifications

Design Organisation (Part-21J, DOA, EASA.21J.647). Production Organisation (Part-21G, POA, PL.21G.0041).

External livery minor changes.
External placards and markings, decorative foils.
Placards KIT production (EASA Form-1).

Aircraft Maintenance

Together with 4THRUST we are offering full maintenance scope and will be performing aircraft maintenance in accordance with the PART-145 certificate and offer storage, line, base aircraft maintenance as well as repair workshops.

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