Maintenance Training

ALL4JETS Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO) is approved by the Polish Civil Aviation Authority for compliance with the requirements of EASA Part-147 – aircraft type training. We can proudly announce that after discussions and arrangements with Polish CAA and EASA, we have been approved to deliver on-line training and online examination to all type technical training under our Part-147 approval.

Pilot & Cabin Crew Training

ALL4JETS Approved Training Organization has been certified by Polish Civil Aviation Authorities under the Certificate No. PL/ATO-15. Our training programs are consistent with international aviation regulations (PART-FCL, PART-CC, PART-ORA) and EASA requirements.


We provide on-line, initial and recurrent trainings for aircraft mechanics, technicians, other maintenance and CAMO personnel.

Camo & Engineering

We provide one-stop-shop solution. Our services are tailored and flexible. We are responsive and mobile. Our team are ex-airline and MRO experts experienced in complex projects around the world. We are approved by multiple regulatories for most of commercial aircraft.

Aircraft Modifications

ALL4JETS is a holder of Design Organisation Approval (ref. number EASA.21J.647) as per EASA Part 21, Subpart J regulation. Approval is granted for minor changes to external schemes, placards and markings of large aeroplanes.

Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft maintenance is performed by WZL2 our partner in two hangars based in Bydgoszcz (BZG). The first hangar consists of 2 slots and one is dedicated for maintenance of aircraft up to code D and a second slot is a one of the most modern paint shop for the aircraft size of the same code D . The second hangar is an investment completed in 2020, that can accommodate simultaneous maintenance of two aircraft such as Embraer 170/190 or ATR-42/72.

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